Why my rotary-blade paper sheeter sheet-cutting length different from what I set?

Situation 1:

All the actual cutting length is shorter than the set.

Old machine:

Change the traction roller diameter data; if the cutting length is 10mm shorter than the set data, then decrease this data by 10mm. If the cutting length is 10mm more than the set data, then increase this value by 10mm.

New machine:

Check the nipple traction roll; the pressure needs to be adjusted, and it should not be too loose or too tight. Otherwise, it will cause a paper slipping problem, influencing the cutting accuracy.

The paper itself is double side laminated, which is very slippery. Slow down the machine cutting speed. Or wrap tape on the traction roller to increase the rubber roll and cut-material friction degree.

Situation 2:

The cutting length is sometimes shorter and sometimes longer, and the differences have no way to track.

Old machine:

Transmission gear drive belt wear. The belt cannot drive the cutting knife cylinder smoothly. Change a new synchronic-belt.

When replacing the old servo encoder, the wiring communication to the traction motor got a problem.

New machine:

Servo encoder problem

It is shocked or damaged during machine installation or container unloading.

If you are a rotary-blade sheeter user, you are welcome to share possible trouble shooting solutions.

rotary encoder
Rotary encoder for the paper sheeter

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