How to adjust the step chuck height on the shaftless loading stand?

step chuck

After a long time of sea shipping, the hydraulic shaftless loading-stand clip arm screws may be loose.

What problem will it cause? The answer is the clip arm will be one up and one down.

So when holding paper rolls, it won’t chuck in the middle place of the paper core. It will make it hard to pick up the paper roll and lift it. Meanwhile, it will also damage the paper core.

How to solve this problem?

Let’s see the video below:

After checking the video, we will know three steps to handle the problem.

1. Put a wooden stick under the lower arm.

2. Then press the “down” button on the control panel. Keep pushing until the upper arm chuck height is the same as the lower one. Then stop.

3. Use a wrench to fix the screws on the arm surface.

4. Lock the screws on the back side of the arm.

5. Follow the above tips, and you will solve the problem perfectly. It is just one step of machine adjustment.

Learn a tip a day, and you will be a paper roll to sheets cutting machine professor.

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