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Paper Roll Sheeter Machine Making Process

Mechanical Parts

We purchase the metal raw material from the market with different shapes and thicknesses. The parts start their trip, including lathe machining, grinding, milling, plating, welding, drilling, painting, assembling.

Electric Parts

It consists of motor, driver&converter, low voltage elements, voltage transformer, PLC, touch screen, wirings, control buttons... We assembled them at a control panel and other specific positions. And input program to the PLC. Once the electric plugin, the paper sheeter starts running.

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Parts

The air/oil needs to go into an air cylinder or oil cylinder, tube, electric solenoid valve to control the movement of mechanical parts. If air goes into the cylinder, could let the roller press down and clip the paper firmly. If the cylinder on the loading stand got air, it could freely lift the heavy jumbo mother roll. The dust removal device needs an air tube to blow away the dust on the paper surface.

What are functional devices on the paper sheeter?

Unwind/Winding Unit

We also called this unit a loading unit. Currently, for loading, we got the pneumatic drive, hydraulic drive, manual loading, three types. For large jumbo rolls, most people choose the shaftless loading type,because it could clip the paper roll from the ground directly, which saves a lot of workforces. Some client wants to save space, and we got a built-in pneumatic loading stand. Let us know your need. We will offer the right plan.

Cutting Unit

It is the soul part of the paper sheeter machine, including slitting knives and sheeting knives. We got mechanical blades and a pneumatic drive air blade for the slitting knife. There are scissors cut(guillotine), lower knife fixed and upper knife rotary swing cut, and twin knife synchro-rotary cut. Each cutting method has different advantages and application conditions. We will guide you to find the ideal way.

Convey&Stack Unit

The roll has been cross-cut into a different dimension. Then it needs a jogger to stack them and collect them as one pallet or one package. The stacking type also needs to be decided by your needs. If you want to re-sell in pallets, you need a 1.3-1.5meter height stack platform for sheets collection. If you’re going to put the paper sheets in reams into a plastic bag or wrap them with paper, you need to stack them into a conveyor belt with a ream discharge system. If you want to save your budget, a simple table for collection is also okay. All the roads lead to Roma.

Custom Your Paper Sheeter Machine

Two main cutting programs in Industrial Paper Sheeter

When you start the machine, there will be “blank” and “color” icon on the touch screen. What will happen if you choose one of them?

Fixed-length Cutting (Blank Material)

For example, the target cutting length is 1 meter. Then the operator inputs the target cutting length into the touch screen, all the cut sheet length is 1 meter. The precision is ±0.2mm. This mode is suitable for blank material roll sheeting.

Length Register Cutting (Color Mark Tacking)

Use a measurement tool to check the mark distance. Then input the length into the touch screen—Press the auto mark tracking button. The sensor will find the cut mark automatically. After that, the sensor will track the printing mark and cut it at the tracked length. This mode is suitable for printed material roll sheeting.

How to Choose Unwind Unit Type for Industrial Paper Sheeter?

Shaftless Loading Stand

It can pick the large jumbo material roll from the ground directly. It uses two chucks on the loading stand arms to fix the paper roll position. No need to insert an air shaft into the inner core. Because when the mother roll width is 1600mm, the 76mm air shaft weight could reach 35kilograms. It’s a really hard job for the operator. Considering the labor cost and work efficiency, a shaftless loading stand is the first priority.


Air Shaft Loading Stand

This type of unwind stand needs an air shaft to insert the core of the mother jumbo roll by workers. And then rolling towards the pneumatic loading stand. Then press the button on the stand to lift the paper roll into feeding position height. If the original paper roll diameter is less than 600mm, you need a forklift or a platform with the wheel to lift the material to meet the unwind stand arms lock position height.


Mechanical Shaft Loading Stand

The unwind shaft is a mechanical type. It comes with a nut to lock the paper roll position on the shaft. Instead of air inflation. It saves a certain budget for small paper processing factories. Many overseas clients choose it before the year 2008. It normally works with motor and chain drive type of loading stand.

Do I need a mid-slitting unit for my roll paper sheeting machine?

mid-slitting blade unit

Situation 1:

If your paper roll is trimmed by an automatic slitting and rewinding machine before loading to our paper sheeter machine. The web width is already what you want to use or to sell. Then I could tell you no need to add a mid-slitting blade on your paper sheeter. One more good news, if without mid-sliting, the paper sheeting speed could be faster than with mid-slitting.

Situation 2:

If the raw material is stored in the workshop for a long time or after container unloading. The edge may be damaged during transportation or by forklift unloading. Then you need an edge trimming blade very much. What’s more, if your clients need a variety of sizes. To fulfill the market trend, you definitely need a mid-slitting function.

How to find ideal cutting method for my jumbo paper/plastic/non-woven roll?

Generally speaking, the answer depends on your company’s manufacturing role in the packing industry.

If you are a processing factory, you only help the printing company cut the blank or printed paper roll into sheets and sell them in tons or pallets. Then choosing a single rotary blade paper sheeter (lower balde fixed, upper blade rotary cut) can make your profit larger. The maximum cutting speed for paper cardboard can be 350cuts/min. In China, one skilled worker can cut 20tons/day. One day you are working 8 hours is enough.

If you are a printing company, you want to feed the paper sheets into an offset printing machine directly. You could choose scissors blade sheeting type or dual knife synchro sheeting type. Because the edge cut by these two types of paper sheeter is very neat. No burr, less dust. You could choose the machine according to the output you need. For example, 1-6 tons a day, choose the scissor blade (flat knife) sheeting type. More than 8 tons a day, choose the dual knife synchro sheeting type. That’s because the machine operating speeds of the two types are different.

What Are The Paper Types DOINMC Paper Sheeter Can Cross-cutting?

Our rotary blade sheeting machine could cut FBB paper, box paper, duplex board with grey or white back, and other packing industry used roll paper. Dongyin company’s engineer could also adjust the paper sheeter configuration to meet your paper rolls, such as adding a rotary die-cutting unit, or an embossing unit. Tell us your needs, we will email back with the solution and suitable machine price for you.

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