• automatic sheeting machine with ream counting
  • easy to operate
  • cut-to-register length device is optional
  • movable touch screen

Additional information


RS-K1100-Ream, RS-K600-Ream, RS-K800-Ream

Max. Unwind Width

1100mm, 600mm, 800mm

Max. Unwind Diameter

1200mm, 600mm

Paper Thickness


Slitting Format


Total Weight


Machine Size



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Product Details:

This machine comes with auto sheets ream conveyor. The stacking quantity reaches 100, 200, etc., the cutter stops for a few seconds, and the conveyor belt pushes the paper pile forward, which is convenient for workers to collect and sort out the finished products. Suitable for adhesive paper, food tray paper, hamburger/sandwich wrapping paper, non-woven fabric, and other reel materials. It is widely applied in medical and stationary fields. It is equipped with a servo motor PLC touch screen. It has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient maintenance. Feeding 3 / 4 roll accordingly to your needs and cutting 1-4 sheets as you like.

  • ream counting
  • multi-roll winding
  • servo motor and encoder control

Food wrapping paper rolls cross-cutting machine FAQ:

1. What kinds of paper can the machine cut?

It is suitable for cross-cutting paper thicknesses ranging from 30-200gsm.

Single side oil coated or double side oil coated food paper is the primary cutting type.

2. What industry needs the machine?

If you are working in the food and beverage industry, BINGO, you may need our thin paper sheeter.

For example, fast food packing paper is single-side oil coated, sizes less than 600x600mm. Pick our machine, then.

3. How to stop cut sheet flip over?

We got a unique strip on the head of the sheeting knife. What’s more, the anti-static device is installed.

4. How to control the cutting length precision when multi-roll feeding?

There is a separate driving motor installed for multi-layer sheeting. The upper and lower rubber traction rollers are all active rolls.

The friction will be reduced. With more smooth traction, the cutting performance will be better.

5. Can I cut the printed food packing paper roll?

The answer is 100% yes.

There will be a Panasonic sensor and PLC control for the length register cutting.

Please inform our sales person in advance.

Because if you forgot to tell us, it is a little hard to install this function once the machine is aboard.

6. What if I need other functions inline the machine?

Our CTO got 30 years of machine manufacturing experience. Your unique idea could offer to us first.

Then our engineer checks the possible rate.

We will offer a manufacturing drawing and an estimated extra cost for your reference if it is workable.

After the double check, the particular plan starts.

If it is not workable, we must close this option with pity.

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