Why Use Carbon Fiber Air Shaft on Paper Slitter and Rewinder Machine?

What is a carbon fiber air shaft?

A carbon fiber air shaft is also called a carbon fiber pneumatic shaft or lightweight air shaft.

It is a kind of air shaft tube made of carbon fiber.

It is a super-light material.

The filament winding angle is done by machine.

The roll on the top is a carbon fiber air shaft, size 76mm dia.

Typically one piece of 1600mm steel-made air shaft needs two workers to lift up and down. But same length carbon fiber made air shaft; one worker can handle it easily. In the video below, primary school students can lift this air shaft for many minutes.

The boy is our CTO, Mr. Dai’s son. He is in grade 5.

The maximum manufacturing length could be 6000mm. In China, the size within 3000mm manufacturing time is faster.

Advantages of carbon fiber pneumatic shaft

01 Carbon fiber tube weights only 1/4-1/5 to steel.  

When putting a paper tube onto the post, the air shaft is easy to handle.

Lower the injury risk when moving the rewinded paper roll from the machine to the ground.

Less wear and tear to bearing and other connected spare parts on the slitting machine.

Higher rotating speed when rewinding the paper.

02 Carbon fiber tube strength is much higher than steel.

It could load heavier paper rolls than steel type.

The service life is also longer.

03 Special filament winding process

Unique filament winding angle with solid tension.

Machining producing, high quality.

How much carbon fiber air shaft?

Due to carbon fiber being unique material, the price is much higher than steel.

The main factor that influences the price is the tube length. The price will increase when the tube length is longer and longer. For example, 1700mm long carbon fiber air shaft (lug type), the reference price is around 1600$. This type of air shaft is widely used in our machine, with an unwinding width of more than 1600mm. Such as RJ-L 1800/2500/2800 high-speed servo drive surface slitting and rewinding machine.

Popular sizes are used in slitter and rewinder

74/75mm, and 149/150mm are widely produced in China.

What’s the hardness of carbon fiber air shafts?

The hardness is 100-115 hrb.

If you are considering our slitter and rewinder machine with more than 1600mm unwind width, please take a carbon fiber air shaft as an option. It will bring you a fantastic performance.

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