Servo motor drive

RENOVA Air Brake

Separate knife drive motor

Automatic end roll eject device and unloading table

Actual Work Speed 600m/min



Additional information


RJ-L 1800, RJ-L 2100, RJ-L 2500, RJ-L 2800

Max. Unwind Diameter

1500mm, 1800mm

Max. Unwind Width

1800mm, 2100mm, 2500mm, 2800mm

Min. Slitting Width


Paper Thickness


Max. Slitting Speed



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Product Details:

The machine adopts the central-surface slitting and rewinding method, which is suitable for all kinds of large coiled materials, like kraft paper, copperplate paper, coated paper, and other base paper.

Unwind diameter 1500-2000mm and rewinding diameter 1200-1500mm.

It has an extensive working paper thickness range, which is 70-600gsm.

Main traction roller adopts two separate servo motor control, automatic tension control, automatic meter counting, alarm function, etc. Adopt pneumatic round knife slitting device, carbon fabric air shaft rewinding, and equipped with an automatic unloading table, greatly saving manpower.

The maximum working length is 2800mm, which super helps a lot of jumbo paper processing mills, paper converting factories, and paper roll dealers.

Wow, RJ-L series is really big guy.

When could we choose it?

First, your jumbo paper roll width is more than 1600mm.

Second, the maximum rewind diameter you need is 1500mm

Third, the min. Slit width 90mm is okay for you.

Then pick it. You deserve RJ-L 1800/2100/2500/2800 high speed paper slitting machine.


Let’s do more Q&A job before taking this machine.


What are the paper roll sizes that I can load onto the machine?

According to the maximum unwind width, we have 1800mm, 2100mm, 2500mm, and 3000mm.

You could choose the model based on your production needs. If your paper roll width maximum is not more than 1000mm. It is clear that you are not the one need to pick our RJ-L series high speed slitting machine.


What’s the min. Slit width?

In this model, the min. The slit width is 90mm. Suppose the target slitting width is 20mm. Sorry, this machine is not okay for you. Please check our RJ-S 800/1100/1300 surface slitting and rewinding machine. Its crucial function is narrow bobbin/tape slitting with whole shaft rewind.


Can I slit the whole shaft 90mm with the maximum machine speed?

If the slit width is 90mm, it can rewind the whole shaft to the same width. But the running speed will be slower.


Why not 600m/min in the specification? What slit width can I run the machine at full speed?

Theory speaking, the bigger the slit width width, the faster the speed will be. When no slitting, only rewinding, the machine could reach 800m/min.


How to ensure machine running under such high speed? Will machine shake?

Different from other suppliers, we use 60mm thickness casting iron as machine frame.

And machine program use Siemens PLC and touch screen.

Can I slit 600gsm paper board roll with this machine?

Yes. But the mechanical slit blade is easy to wear. If the paper thickness is more than 300gsm, we suggest the client use an air blade. Because the air blade slit edge is neater, the air can micro-adjust the cut power during machine running, just like a car with a shock absorber. The upper blade does not need a hard landing onto the lower blade ring. The service life is longer than the mechanical blade.


How to choose a pneumatic drive round blade?

According to machine speed, if within 350m/min, choose the 90 models. If machine design maximum speed is  500m/min, select the 150 models.


What brand of air blade can I choose?

Our supply chain has the America MAXCESS brand and local Chinese air blade brands. You could pick it up according to your budget.


What other optional devices I can have?

  1. Servo motor brake to instead of air brake. It is frequency converter control with reducer device.
  2. MAXCESS air knife Automatic Positioning Device
  3. Extra carbon fiber air shaft 4”, 6”, 12”


If, after reading the above dialogues, most of your answers are —-yes, it is okay for me; please feel free to ask our sales person to get a more detailed project plan.

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