Paper straw strip slitting machine

Paper tape slitting machine

Surface center rewinding

Tipping paper slitter rewinder

Cigarette paper slitting machine



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RJ-S 1100, RJ-S 1300

Max. Unwind Width

1100mm, 1300mm

Max. Unwind Diameter


Min. Slitting Width


Max. Rewind Diameter


Max. Slitting Speed


Total Weight


Machine Size



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Product Details:

The machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding paper, film, aluminum foil, PVC, paper for straw, etc. The machine has the functions of frequency converter speed regulation, PLC touch screen control, automatic meter counting, automatic length fixing, automatic alarm and stop, three motor automatic tension control, etc.; the machine adopts automatic pneumatic loading stand with the automatic edge correction device; the machine adopts the flat knife / round knife slitting, and waste edge automatic blowing device. The machine adopts the surface rewinding theory, which is the best equipment for narrow bobbin slitting at present.

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