• Multi-roll unwind
  • 5-10 rolls unwind is optional
  • servo motor drive
  • high speed

Additional information


RS-D 1400-4ROLL, RS-D 1700-4ROLL, RS-D 1900-4ROLL

Max. Unwind Width

1400mm, 1700mm, 1900mm

Max. Unwind Diameter


Cutting Method

lower blade fixed, upper blade rotary cutting

Cutting Length Range


Max. Cutting Speed


Total Weight


Machine Size



Machine Video

Product Details:

The servo drive automatic rotary blade sheeting machine adopts 4 roll feeding loading stand. Chuck sizes are 3” 6” 12”. It is suitable for horizontally and vertically cutting art paper, offset paper, kraft paper, copy paper, and other roll materials. The cutting method is lower blade fixed, upper blade rotary cutting. It adopts FAG bearings and a Tungsten steel sheeting blade, which makes the service life longer, more stable, and more accurate. It is easy to operate. Three groups of automatic edge correction units are equipped as optional. The output increased a lot comparing with another rotary blade sheeter.

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