• middle slitting unit
  • cut-to-register length device
  • high-speed steel cutting blade
  • 3″ -12″ mechanical chuck for loading

Additional information


RS-K1100-Advanced, RS-K1400-Advanced, RS-K1600-Advanced

Max. Unwind Width

1100mm, 1400mm, 1600mm

Max. Unwind Diameter


Slitting Format


Max. Cutting Speed


Total Weight

5000kgs, 6000kgs, 6500kgs

Machine Size



Machine Video

Product Details:

The machine is suitable for all kinds of paper, such as self-adhesive, gold and silver cardboard, color printing compound, and other materials. The servo motor is used for feeding, and the cutting accuracy is higher. PLC touch screen control. The automatic stacking performance will be better if the cutting length is more than 1meter. Equipped with sheets overlapping delivery unit. Hydraulic shaftless automatic loading stand is the standard configuration.

  • sheets overlapping delivery
  • hydraulic shaftless loading stand
  • catwalk for operator

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