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A4 cut-size sheeter

Economy type

Servo encoder for tension control

Additional information


RS-K 1100-A4, RS-K 1300-A4

Max. Unwind Width

1100mm, 1300mm

Max. Unwind Diameter


Paper Thickness


Cutting Method

flat knife scissors cutting

Cutting Length Range


Slitting Format

5sheets, 6sheets

Total Weight


Machine Size



Machine Video

Product Details:

This model is mainly designed for A3 A4 cut-size paper roll cross sheeting.

It includes the 1st and 2nd delivery conveyor units.

The cutting size is 297*210mm.

The max. unwind width could be 1100mm and 1300mm.

RS-K 1100 model A4 copy paper sheeting machine FAQ:

1. What’s the maximum width for the machine?

Please check 1060mm width, diameter 1200-1400mm jumbo paper roll.

2. What’s the thickness to choose?

60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm

3. How to calculate the output?

One roll unwinds, and the output is 1-1.5ream/min

Two rolgrownd, the result is 3ream/min

Four rolls unwind, and the outcome is 7ream/min

4. What’s the weight of one jumbo copy paper roll?

For example, 70gsm diameter 1200mm width 1060mm jumbo copy paper.

The weight for one roll is about 984kgs.

The meter legnth is 11600m.

5. Why is output so small?

DOINMC brand A3 A4 cutting machine adopts flat knife up and down scissors.

This machine design cannot run faster than the rotary blade swing cutting method.

6. What kind of factory need this machine?

Due to the output being small, it is suitable for a small paper processing factory.

Jumbo copy paper price is high, 960-1060USD/ton.

The selling pressure will be very high if cutting too many reams in the workshop.

With this machine, the running schedule is more flexible.

High-speed machine 20reams/min will take up a massive area for storage and transportation.

7. What advantages Dongyin Machinery has?

We know the jumbo paper roll cost in China market.

We can also offer an A4 packing machine. Shrink film packing or laminated printed paper packing?

8. Automatic A4 paper ream packing machine inline?

Please check the advanced model machine picture below:

automatic A4 paper sheeting and packing machine

And it is still has 1 roll unwind, 2 roll unwind, 4 roll unwind with different output.

The more unwind roll, the larger output it is.





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