Thermal Paper Producing Mill vs Thermal Product Processing Factory

We usually refer to thermal paper manufacturers. Many customers think that the manufacturers that directly produce and manufacture 57 * 50mm, 80 * 80mm, and other specifications are thermal paper manufacturers. It is not what we thought.

Thermal paper manufacturers usually refer to large thermal paper processing plants with paper-making functions that can provide thermal paper coatings, such as Guanhao Hi-Tech, Chenming Group, APP, and other thermal paper manufacturers in China. Common thermal paper manufacturers offer thermal paper products and large rolls of paper, such as double adhesive tape and carbonless paper. The specifications of finished paper sold by thermal paper manufacturers are extensive, such as the 866mm width and 844mm width of thermal paper, and the length of meters is about 6000 meters or 12000 meters.

The following figure is the equipment diagram of the thermal paper manufacturer:

Thermal paper base paper manufacturers are usually state-owned or listed enterprises, large manufacturing enterprises with large scale, high capacity, and many people. There are more than ten large thermal paper manufacturers in China.

The thermal paper manufacturers that produce and manufacture for users have become thermal paper processing plants or printing plants in the industry, such as Suzhou Guanwei, Guangzhou Sailing, etc. This type of thermal paper processing plant is the downstream industry of thermal paper manufacturers; that is, thermal paper manufacturers, sell the large base paper to thermal paper processing plants, and thermal paper processing plants reprocess into 57 * 50, 80 * 80, and other thermal paper products that users can use. The thermal paper processing plant is characterized by a smaller scale than the thermal paper base paper manufacturer, and its equipment is also much smaller. It is usually equipped with printing equipment, slitting, and other processing equipment, and the degree of production automation is low.

The number of thermal paper manufacturers is usually more than 2000 staffs, and the number of thermal paper processing plants is generally between 50-200 staffs.

The base paper manufacturer will not directly produce the finished heat-sensitive paper for users. Still, the heat-sensitive paper processing plant has the finished heat-sensitive paper for users.

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