What Machine Can Make Food Paper Bags?

Nowadays, because countries around the world have issued plastic restrictions, and people’s growing voice for health and environmental protection, green paper packaging is once again widely used in people’s daily life. For example, food packaging paper bags are widely used, ranging from oil-proof paper bags, takeout bags, and snack bags at snack stands to famous fast-food stores such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC.

But also, from the traditional style with a single color in the past to a variety of styles now. Some are V-bottom type, some are square bottom type, some have handles, some don’t, and some have thumb patch. Some have exquisite printing. So, are you curious about what machine these paper bags are made of?

Reel-fed Paper Bag Making Machine

The food paper bags we mentioned above are generally made by the reel-fed paper bag machine. The paper bag machine is divided into sheet-feeding paper bag machine and reel-fed paper bag machine. Reel-fed paper bag machine is divided into two categories: semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Among them, the fully automatic model can also add 1-4 color printing units inline running. This can not only meet all the technological requirements of food bags but also provide a one-stop-solution service.

Paper Type for Food Bags

When customizing food bags, there are many kinds of paper to choose from, and four kinds of paper rolls are often used: kraft paper, coated paper, white cardboard paper, offset paper. The tenacity, smoothness, and aesthetics of different types of paper are different.

When customizing food paper bags, the base paper commonly used by food packaging bag manufacturers is 80-120 grams of kraft paper. Kraft paper has a high pulling force. Not easy to break down. The surface treatment could be single-side glossy, double-side glossy, striated, plain, and so on.

Slitting Machine for Jumbo Food Paper Roll

The best-selling models of reel paper bag machines are 22,33,45 and so on (China Roll-fed Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer). The feed width is 410-1280mm. The maximum model is 54/55. But it is not so that popular. Its maximum unwind roll width could reach 1530mm. The diameter of the jumbo paper roll is 1000-1200 mm. RJ-L 1600/1800/2000 Frame Type Slitting and Rewinding Machine is the most suitable model for slitting and rewinding the jumbo paper roll.

Most Chinese reel-fed paper bag making machine is named by the maximum bag width they can do. If want to compare with Japanese, Germany, America paper bag making machine, please check the corresponding maximum width that model can do. It will be clearer when doing comparing job with Chinese paper bag machines.

Slitting Machine for Paper Bag Handle/Cord Making Roll

Some paper bags have handles/cords, the handle could be twisted ropes or flat ropes. Each handle has a pasting patch so that the glue can fix the cord in the middle firmly. The paper patch roll making also needs the help of a slitter.

The general width of the handle patch on the paper bags is 30-50mm, then the feeding width should be 60-100mm. Normally the diameter of the paper roll is 600-1000mm. The suitable model for slitting handle patch material roll is RJ-C 1300/1600 Slitting and Rewinding Machine.

General manufacturers like to use a diameter of 1000mm or so, which can reduce the roll changing times of paper rolls, thus saving the time of paper rolls and indirectly increasing production capacity.

 If you saw the paper bag with a flat cord. The paper roll to folding the flat handle also needs a slitting and rewinding machine to support. The feeding width is 46mm. The flat handle paper thickness is 110-130gsm. The handle strip roll diameter is 600-1000mm as well.

The above are some personal views on the selection of food paper bag machine. It also provides suggestions on the selection of the slitting and rewinding machine for cutting the raw paper roll of the reel-fed paper bag machine.

 If you want to start the business of food paper bag production. You are welcome to leave a message or send an email to communicate. I will spare all my efforts to support.

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