Sports Muscle Tape (KT tape) Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Due to Winter Olympic Games being under processing in Beijing, China. People spend more time before the TV watching different types of sports competitions. The athlete’s spirit inspires people around the world.

I don’t know if you find such a strange thing when watching many sports events, that is, every athlete sticks some fabric tapes. Have you known the use of those cloth tapes?

What is it? Then we Google, we Baidu, and then find out, it called sport muscle tape.

It is made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex. Its features high flexibility, stretching extended to the original length of 180%, and the bonding area is large.

This kind of tape originated in Japan in the 1970s. Its original purpose was to relieve pain and prevent injury after strenuous exercise. However, it is only in European and American countries widely used for actual development. In China, this kind of sticker’s accurate understanding and application began in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


Good ventilation effect

High-quality cotton elastic cloth

Application Scope

Pre-competition protection



Rock Climbing


Indoor fitness

Postgame rehabilitation

Because the fabric is thick and has good air permeability, it is not only applied in the competitive field but also has its place in medical treatment. Many hospitals take advantage of its strong toughness and good air permeability to treat some patients’ muscle injuries.

Where there is a market, there is the producer.

How to slit muscle tape?

The most popular slot width is 38mm/50mm/75mm. The length is 5meter.

The slitting and rewinding machine needs many round blades for such a feature. And the device needs to have a meter counter function. When the target rewind meter reaches, the machine has to stop, and then the operator starts a new slitting and rewinding shift.

Based on the above working request, the thermal paper slitting machine working method is more suitable for the sports muscle tape slitting job.

Crush slitting blade which could reduce glue remain amount on the knife during long time running.

There is also another production way for reference. It is rewinding the jumbo tape roll into many small-diameter rolls. Then use a professional automatic multi-shaft tape cutting machine to cut into the width that clients need.

We do not produce this kind of cutting machine. But we got good partner factory in our industrial zone, who is proffessional in manufacturing this machine.

How to packing the muscle tape roll?

A thermal shrink packing machine is okay to handle.

The packing machine price is variety. Here takes B2B platform price list for reference.

Different configuration, different exact cost.

My view of this industry may not be so wholly. Welcome to discuss with us and find other solutions for slitting and rewinding this particular material roll.

Contact us if you need us to customize the tape-slitting machine. We’d like to do contribution to medical and sports industry for all around the world.

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