Mark Pen Coloring Device for Thermal Paper Slitting Machine

There is a mark pen printing unit in RJ-F 600/900/1200 Thermal Paper Slitting Machine. How to use it? Is it different from ink wheel printing? What’s the advantage of mark pen printing? How to adjust it?

Today we are going to introduce this section.

Mark pen printing brief instruction


It marks the end strips of the finished rewinding thermal paper roll. Once the colored second appears, the user will know that he needs to change a new roll into the fax machine, cash register machine, or other printer machines.


The printing is cleaner, with no water-ink or oil ink splashed onto the process rollers of the machine.

The ink will not dry too fast in winter (under try weather). The ink restores in the ink pen body.

It is very convenient for the worker. He no needs to cover the inked plate after he finished working anymore. Just put the mark pen cap back is okay.

Ink plate with wheel printing, it cost more time for cleaning after finished working. The ink will try faster in the air. Also, it makes the rubber traction roller surface uneven. The traction performance will be worse day by day. Which operator will not notice it until half or one year later.

Mark pen installation and size request

It was installed at the bottom of the machine. The pen holder is made of Aluminum. The hole diameter is 26mm, the precision is ±1mm.

The pen offered by DOINMC got an ink bottle, which could add ink into the pen tube.

Mark length setting:

Press “Delay time” on the right side of the shortcut of the touch screen.

Up the ink L>1m, it’s the length that marks pen lift.

L<15m, when rewinding reaches 15meter, the marking pen comes down.

Then the whole marking length is about 14meter.

If you want to shorten the mark length, you could set L<10m or less.

The switch on the left side of the touch screen controls the marking pen working function on/off.switch

The mark position on the roller is manually adjusted. Moving the aluminum holder is okay.

If the mark pen section does not lift, please check the air cylinder on the driving side.

Ink plate or mark pen, now it’s your turn.

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