How Many Types of Loading Stand for Paper Roll Sheeting Machine?

In the production process of paper products, the paper is generally made into a reel. So does other materials like PVC film, non-woven cloth, and so on. Before the reel-shaped paper roll is put into use, this kind of paper roll needs to be sliced. The equipment on the market for slitting is a slitting and rewinding machine, an automatic paper sheeting machine, etc., and before cutting, the paper roll is generally placed on the unwinding rack, and then the reel is released to unwind the paper roll.

Loading stand, we also called unwinding rack in China. There are many types popular in China. And different manufacturers made different loading stands. Let’s display one by one.

According to the brake type, the loading stand can be divided into the below types:

Magnetic Powder Brake Loading stand

The magnetic powder tension controller realizes the constant tension control of the coil, or the taper control of the tension of the coil according to the process requirements. In general, many occasions are requiring constant tension control; taper control is generally used on the winding rack to achieve inner ring tightening, outer ring loosening, and so on so that the material is not easy to deform after winding up.

Air Disc Brake Loading Stand

The air disc brake controls the tension together with the proportioning valve. The tension signal is released by PLC. The disc quantity could be 2 points, 4point, 6 points, 8 points. Its simple structure, stable action, convenient installation, no noise, good linearity, no no-load torque, fast heat dissipation, lightweight, convenient adjustment, and high-temperature resistance under high load. Pneumatic brakes can play the role of cut-off, combination, inch movement, commutation, variable speed, etc., using the voltage of DC24V, the voltage fluctuation should not exceed the rated voltage of plus or minus 5%, and the friction surface should not be contaminated with any oil and all kinds of sundries that can affect the normal operation of the disc brake.

According to the lifting power source type, the unwind stand can be divided into below types:

Manually Lifting Unwind Stand

The utility model comprises a base, a fixing plate, and an inflatable shaft locking device. The roll lifting is done by hand or forklift.

Motor Drive Lifting Uwind Stand

The utility model comprises a base, a fixing plate, chains, gears, and drive motor. The longitudinal section of the base is U-shaped, there is a chain in the U-shaped groove, the sidewall of the base is equidistant and connected with a rotating rod, the outer wall of the base is fixedly connected with a motor, and the output shaft of the motor is connected with the rotating rod through a belt. the transmission rod drives the chain to slowly climb the paper roll to the working position.

Pneumatic Drive Lifting Unwind Stand

It comprises a base, a fixed plate, and a cylinder, wherein an installation cavity is arranged in the base, and a screw rod is rotationally connected in the installation cavity, and the screw is matched with a threaded seat, and a sliding seat is arranged on the screw seat, and the fixed plate is arranged on one side of the base, and one side of the fixed plate is rotationally connected with a rotating shaft, the end of the rotating shaft is provided with a limit plate, and one side of the limit plate is provided with a rewinding roller, and the cylinder is arranged on the sliding seat. The end of the piston rod in the cylinder is provided with a fixed block, one side of the fixed block is fixedly connected with a telescopic rod, one end of the telescopic rod is provided with a resisting plate, a spring is arranged on the telescopic rod, and the two ends of the spring are respectively connected with the fixed block and the contact plate, and the sliding seat is sliding with the installation cavity.

Hydraulic Drive Lifting Unwind Stand

A hydraulic unwinding device that is controlled by hydraulic pressure. The utility model comprises a base, a track sliding frame, a lifting frame, and a rotating shaft, a linear guide rail is arranged on the base, a rotating shaft is installed between the left and right track sliding frame, and the hydraulic unwinding device has a left and right symmetrical structure. The lifting fixing plate and the unwinding supporting plate are arranged on the rotating shaft through the sliding seat, and a lateral moving screw is arranged between the left and right lifting fixing plate and the unwinding supporting plate, and a lateral moving nut is fixed on the unwinding supporting plate. A lifting hydraulic cylinder is arranged on the base and the lifting fixing plate. The utility model drives the lateral moving screw to rotate through the motor and the gearbox, and drives the unwinding support plate to move left and right through the cooperation of the lateral moving nut, and pushes the unwinding support plate up and down through the oil cylinder and the piston of the oil cylinder. Can realize the unwinding device up and down, left and right multi-directional flexible control movement, to facilitate the loading and unloading of paper rolls or other material in reel shaped.

According to the loading chuck type, the unwind stand can be divided into the below types:

Shaft Loading Stand (Air Shaft 3” 6” 12” )

This type of loading stand needs an insert air shaft. The air shaft size depends on the paper core inner diameter. And it mainly works with manual lifting stand, motor drive lifting stand, and pneumatic lifting stand.

Shaftless Loading Stand with Air Inflation Chuck 3” 6”

This type of loading stand, with air inflation chuck. It mainly works with hydraulic lifting stands. It can protect the paper roll edge from damage. But the price is a little higher.

Shaftless Loading Stand with Mechanical Chuck 3”-12”

This type of loading stand, with mechanical chuck. It mainly works with hydraulic lifting stands. The chuck is a mechanical type, sometimes the inner coil may be damaged. So better add an edge trimming device on the sheeting machine.

After reading the information above, you are now a professional person on choosing a loading stand of reel paper cutting/converting machine. Just go ahead, and check if the knowledge is workable. Which is the cheapest plan? And which is the most advanced plan?

See you in our next blog.

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